The Ultimate Dashboard
for Kubernetes

Supported Kubernetes Distributions

How Kubernetes is better with Kontena Lens?

With Kontena Lens, you'll get a system that will transform your clusters into something you can trust.

Kontena Lens provides all necessary tools and technology to take control of your Kubernetes clusters. Ensure your cluster is properly setup and configured. Enjoy increased visibility and hands-on troubleshooting capabilities. Use built-in user management and integration APIs with support to most standard external authentication systems. Kontena Lens makes the use of Kubernetes 1000x more efficient and radically improves the speed of business.

Cluster Essentials

Components to ensure cluster is properly setup, configured and ready to run workloads at scale.

Kontena Lens comes with a suite of components and technology that will enhance security, add missing features and transform your cluster into solid foundation suitable for production workloads. These components will be automatically installed and configured for your cluster. The components include: Metrics Server, NGINX Ingress and Network Policy Provider.

Universal Authentication

Empower developers & DevOps teams by providing direct Kubernetes cluster access with RBAC.

Kubernetes does not have any kind of user management built-in. This will be an issue for organizations who want to provide access to their clusters for increased visibility and troubleshooting capabilities. Kontena Lens features universal authentications system that may be used together with Kontena Lens built-in user management or any external authentication system like LDAP or Active Directory.

Ultimate Dashboard

Take control of your cluster with the most beautiful UI for management, operations and troubleshooting.

Kontena Lens provides the most sophisticated user interface for managing Kubernetes clusters. Access to the data, namespaces and other resources is limited by the role based access control. It comes with real time visualization of the most vital metrics, configuration, log streams and a built-in terminal for inspecting or troubleshooting apps without losing the context. Kontena Lens management dashboard is the only system you’ll need to really understand what is going on in your clusters. Once you have tried it, there's no going back.

How Does It Work?

Lights, Camera, Action! The live demo of Kontena Lens features.

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Kontena Lens FAQ

When Kontena Lens will be released?

Kontena Lens is already available as a built-in feature for Kontena Pharos Kubernetes distribution. At the moment, we are working to make it a standalone version that will work with any certified Kubernetes distribution (including managed Kubernetes services provided by most major cloud providers).

The version for Amazon EKS will be released soon. We hope to get it out around early summer 2019. If you want to try it now, you can request early access.

Which Kubernetes distributions are you planning to support in the future?

Google GKE, Azure AKS and Digital Ocean managed Kubernetes solutions are next on the list. If you'd like to see Kontena Lens on some other Kubernetes distro, please let us know!

Is Kontena Lens going to be open source / free?

No. It will be closed source and cost something to use. The final pricing info is not yet available.

How is Kontena Lens different from Kubernetes Dashboard OSS project?

Kontena Lens is a product and has tons of features that are not included in Kubernetes Dashboard open source project.

Is Kontena Lens available as a hosted service?

No. At the moment you will need to install and run Kontena Lens on your own clusters. We might provide Kontena Lens as a service someday if there is big enough demand for this kind of service.