The Smart Dashboard
for Kubernetes

How Kubernetes is better with Kontena Lens?

The most powerful IDE for people who need to deal with Kubernetes clusters on a daily basis.

Kontena Lens provides all necessary tools and technology to take control of your Kubernetes clusters. Ensure your cluster is properly setup and configured. Enjoy increased visibility and hands-on troubleshooting capabilities. Use built-in user management and integration APIs with support to most standard external authentication systems. Kontena Lens makes the use of Kubernetes 1000x more efficient and radically improves the speed of business.

Smart Dashboard

Take control of your cluster with the most beautiful UI for management, operations and troubleshooting.

Kontena Lens provides the most sophisticated user interface for managing Kubernetes clusters. Access to the data, namespaces and other resources is limited by the role based access control. It comes with real time visualization of the most vital metrics, configuration, log streams and a built-in terminal for inspecting or troubleshooting apps without losing the context. Kontena Lens management dashboard is the only system you’ll need to really understand what is going on in your clusters. Once you have tried it, there's no going back.

Multi Cluster Management

Access and work with your clusters with a confidence from a single unified IDE.

Kontena Lens works with any number of Kubernetes clusters. The clusters may be local (e.g. minikube) or external (e.g. EKS, AKS, GKE, Rancher, OpenShift or Pharos). Clusters may be added simply by importing the kubeconfig file with cluster details. Once added, it is easy to switch between clusters to work on. With Kontena Lens, you'll get a single unified IDE for all your clusters!


Organize clusters into logical groups

Workspaces are used to organize number of clusters into logical groups. They are very useful for DevOps and SREs who need to deal with multiple (even hundreds of) clusters. A single workspace contains a list of clusters and their full configuration. It is easy to create and switch between workspaces.

Built-In Prometheus Stats

See all relevant graphs and resource utilization charts integrated as part of the dashboard.

Kontena Lens comes with built-in and multi-tenant Prometheus setup that will respect RBAC for each user. Users will see visualization for all the namespaces and resources they have access. All graphs and resource utilization charts are designed to be very accessible and available in right context no matter which part of the dashboard you are operating.

Context Aware Terminal

The built-in terminal comes with kubectl that is always API compatible with your cluster and in right context.

Kontena Lens built-in terminal will ensure the version of Kubernetes cluster API is compatible with the version of kubectl. It will download and assign the correct version on fly so you don't have to. It will also provide peace of mind by switching the kubectl context to match the cluster you are currently working with.

What makes Kontena Lens special?

Many people might compare Kontena Lens to Kubernetes Dashboard open source project since they both deliver UI to Kubernetes. But Kontena Lens is more than just an UI. It's the only management system you’ll ever need to take control of your Kubernetes clusters.

  • Amazing usability and end user experience
  • Real-time cluster state visualization
  • Resource utilization charts and trends with history powered by built-in Prometheus
  • Terminal access to nodes and containers
  • End user and service token authentication supported
  • Fully featured role based access control management
  • Dashboard access and functionality limited by RBAC
  • In-cluster and external authentication backends supported
  • Easy access to Helm charts, releases and repositories
  • Professional support available
  • And so much more...

Kontena Lens PRO for Professionals

The best dashboard for Kubernetes meets professional requirements. Premium features included.

Software Packaging for Enterprises

Easy distribution, signed binaries and improved privacy.

Kontena Lens PRO is available for download and distribution via the most common software distribution systems. In addition, to support strict enterprise software security requirements, the software packages are signed and all telemetry and tracking features are disabled.

World Class Support

Have a peace of mind; Get help when you need it

Running Kubernetes workloads in production might be scary. Having a direct access to world class support from team Kontena will provide assurance and peace of mind. Standard support is available to all Kontena Lens PRO users via emails. The standard support is provided with 1+ business day SLA (response time guarantee).

Premium enterprise support plans also available!

How Does It Work?

Lights, Camera, Action! The live demo of Kontena Lens features.

Any questions or ready to get started?

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Kontena Lens FAQ

How can I get Kontena Lens software?

Kontena Lens (standard edition) for MacOS, Windows and Linux operating systems is available for download free of charge from Kontena website. If you are interested in Kontena Lens PRO edition, please contact us!

Which K8S versions are supported?

Kontena Lens works with any Kubernetes distribution that you can access with the standard kubectl tool. The Kubernetes kernel version should be 1.8 or higher.

How much does Kontena Lens cost?

Kontena Lens (standard edition) for MacOS, Windows and Linux operating systems is free of charge. Kontena Lens PRO edition will cost something to use. The pricing is detailed on our pricing page.

How is Kontena Lens different from Kubernetes Dashboard OSS project?

Kontena Lens is a product and has tons of features that are not included in Kubernetes Dashboard open source project. To get some perspective, think about comparing MS Paint to Adobe Photoshop.

What about privacy? What data do you collect? Why signup?

Kontena Lens application is distributed with end user license agreement ("EULA") that must be accepted before use. Here is the summary about privacy and data collection:

  • We collect data that you submit via kontena account registration.
  • We collect data about events that are happening in Lens app: application started, application stopped, logged in, logged out, cluster settings page open, cluster view open, cluster feature X installed, cluster feature X uninstalled, cluster feature X upgraded, terminal opened and kubernetes resource applied. There is no metadata related to these collected.
  • We are not collecting any kind of telemetry data from Lens app: for example we don't know how many clusters you might have, how many nodes you have, what is actually running in your cluster etc.

We are requiring signup from all our users. You might ask: Why? This data is used by us so we can contact our users to understand their use cases better. Our idea is to create the most amazing tool for managing k8s clusters and we feel that's the only way. Not just listening to the loudest voice on public forums but really get personal and know our users.

What is Kontena Lens "in cluster" version?

Kontena Lens was originally available as an add-on to Kontena Pharos k8s distribution. It was deployed in-cluster and once deployed, provided UI that was accessible via most modern web browsers.

This version is still available to Kontena Pharos PRO users, but we have plans to deprecate it very soon. The reason is that despite the fact we can probably create the most beautiful web UI for Kubernetes, using in-cluster web UI is not going to be the best way to actually work with Kubernetes. It will never be as powerful and developer friendly as standalone application. We realised this some time ago and therefore, our focus has been moved to standalone app development instead of (more) simple in-cluster web UI.