Kontena Cloud – The simple, easy-to-use cloud for running your containers powered by Kontena Classic.

What is Kontena Cloud?

Kontena Cloud is the new, better way to run your containers in production.

Cool Dashboard

Want to see real-time stats and logs from your Kontena Platform with an amazing UI? You'll get this and more with Kontena Cloud!

Designed for DevOps

Need no-nonsense tools for analyzing, monitoring and operating your Kontena Platform? Kontena Cloud has got you covered!

Free to get started

It's free to get started with Kontena Cloud! Add paid features such as the Hosted Kontena Platform, Private Repositories or Support when needed.

Kontena Cloud Platform

Deploy, manage, and scale containerized applications with ease.

Fully Managed Environment for Containers

Over the past few years, we have seen hundreds of organizations running production workloads using our open source project which has become by far the most developer friendly container orchestrator on the market.

Kontena Cloud Platform is a fully managed environment for running containers at scale, powered by Kontena’s open source technology. It brings together the latest innovations in developer productivity, cloud automation, and open source to accelerate your time to market.

No Lock-In, Democratize Infrastructure

The Kontena Cloud Platform is abstracting all available compute resources and data volumes as a single unified resource pool, and makes it available for running your containerized workloads. While we recommend using Kontena Cloud Compute for adding compute resources, you can use any infrastructure to power your platform.

Reliable and High Availability Built-In

Kontena engineers monitor your platform and its compute, networking, and storage resources so you don't have to. Add health checks to detect and replace misbehaving applications running on your platform. Use advanced deployment strategies, load balancing and monitoring to achieve highly available services and offer a seamless experience to your users.

Kontena Cloud Compute

Add machines, a.k.a Nodes, with super powers to power your Kontena Cloud Platform.

Power Your Platform With Ease

All Kontena Cloud Platforms require compute resources for running your containerized workloads. While it is possible to provision Nodes from any infrastructure, we recommend using Kontena Cloud Compute. All Nodes provisioned via Kontena Cloud Compute are guaranteed to work smoothly with your platform.

Multiple Node Types and Regions Supported

Kontena Cloud Compute provides multiple Node types. These Nodes may be provisioned to USA or Europe regions to suit your needs. All Nodes will be added to your platform’s unified resource pool, and will be used to power your containerized workloads.

Simple, Scalable Pricing

Kontena Cloud Compute is made available to you with the simple per Node per hour pricing. There are no hidden fees related to networking or disk I/O. With no long term contracts, you can start small and grow with your business.

Kontena Cloud Image Registry

The most developer friendly solution for storing and distributing container images.

Secure, Private and Easy

The Kontena Cloud Image Registry is the most developer friendly solution for storing and distributing container images. It is secure and private by default; only the people in your organization or development team may access the images.

Works With Any Tooling

The Kontena Cloud Image Registry works with standard Docker CLI tools and may be used from any external CI/CD pipelines without hassle. It works with any system capable of processing and handling container images based on OCI image specification.


Simple, flexible pricing. Pay as you grow.

Kontena Cloud Hosted Platforms

The Kontena Cloud Hosted Platform is an isolated Kontena Classic environment that abstracts all connected compute resources and makes them available to containerized workloads running on top. It provides management and monitoring interface for container orchestration.


$15 per month

What's included:

  • Elastic Region
  • Limited Performance
  • Designed for Testing


$95 per month

What's included:

  • Fixed Region
  • High Availability
  • Designed for Production

Self Hosted Platforms: It is possible to run the Kontena Classic deployment on the infrastructure of your choice. If you want to use Kontena Cloud features (e.g. Kontena Cloud dashboard) with your self hosted Kontena Classic deployment, you'll need to connect your Kontena Classic deployment to Kontena Cloud. The monthly price for any such deployment is $15 / month

Kontena Cloud Compute

With Kontena Cloud Compute, you can create Kontena Cloud Nodes to power your Kontena Platforms with just a few clicks. The pricing is based on the actual usage, depending on the Kontena Cloud Node type.

Node Type Memory CPU Cores SSD Price / Month
K1 1 GB 1 Core 10 GB $10.00
K2 2 GB 1 Core 20 GB $20.00
K4 4 GB 2 Cores 40 GB $40.00
K8 8 GB 2 Cores 80 GB $80.00
K16 16 GB 4 Cores 160 GB $160.00
K32 32 GB 8 Cores 320 GB $320.00

Private Image Registry

The Kontena Cloud Image Registry is tightly integrated with your Kontena Cloud environment and provides image repositories for you and your organization.

Private Image Repositories

$2 per repository / month

Support Plans

Community support is available to all Kontena Cloud users. Subscribe to paid support plans to ensure a smooth experience with guaranteed response times.

Developer Support

$50 per month 2

What's included:

  • Business Hours Support1
  • Primary contact may open an unlimited number of cases

Response Times:

  • General Guidance: < 24h
  • Production System Issue: < 12h

Business Support

$1,000 per month3

What's included:

  • 24 x 7 Support
  • All organization members may open an unlimited number of cases

Response Times:

  • General Guidance: < 24h
  • Production System Issue: < 1h

1 Support business hours are 8AM to 8PM EET. 2 Greater of $50 or 10% of total monthly usage. 3 Greater of $1,000 or 20% of total monthly usage. Minimum 3 month commitment.

Sound alright?

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Kontena Cloud FAQ

What is Kontena Cloud?

When used to the fullest, it is an all-you-need hosted environment to monitor, manage and operate your containerized apps and services powered by Kontena Classic.

Kontena Dashboard: The Kontena Dashboard allows you to view your platforms, nodes, services, etc. in your browser. It can be used for monitoring and analyzing your container environments and can provide you with anything from a quick look at your settings and logs, to using the embedded terminal to control your environment, right there in the browser.

Kontena Hosted Platform: The Kontena Hosted Platform is an environment for orchestrating and running containerized workloads, hosted for you by Kontena. It provides all the required technology as a tightly integrated package.

Kontena Hosted Nodes: Kontena hosted nodes are the machines that Kontena will host for you. They are available in different sizes to fit your needs

What is the Kontena Platform?

The Kontena Platform is an environment for orchestrating and running containerized workloads. It provides all the required technology as a tightly integrated package.

Machines (bare metal or virtual), known as Kontena Nodes are connected to the Kontena Platform using the built-in overlay network technology to provide compute resources from any cloud; public, private or hybrid. The number of Kontena Nodes may be adjusted according to your needs. Kontena Platform will abstract all available compute resources and make these resources available to your container workloads.

With Kontena Cloud, you'll get the Kontena Platform as a hosted service. You can add Kontena Nodes to provide compute resources from any cloud.

What form of payments do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club. For additional payment options, like purchase orders and ACH, please contact us.

Is it possible to use the Kontena Platform for free?

Yes, you can use the Kontena Platform open source software on your own environment for free. It is open source and available under Apache 2.0 license. Please note, the Kontena Platform does not include the web based management interface that is included in our Kontena Cloud. Kontena Cloud is a hosted SaaS service from Kontena, Inc and it is not open source.

Can I be billed using my local currency?

Kontena is an international company, but our online business is operated primarily from the US. Therefore, Kontena will bill in USD. This allows our pricing to remain stable and consistent, rather than fluctuating with exchange rates. We do apologize if this causes any inconvenience.

Can I use Kontena Cloud with my self hosted Kontena Platform deployment?

Yes. You can use Kontena Cloud with your self hosted custom Kontena Platform deployments for monitoring and other value added services.

How am I billed?

We try to make life easy for everyone, this includes those who deal with billing. Therefore, you'll get just a single bill from us each month including all the fees for your active Kontena Cloud use. Plainly put, you pay for what you use.

Do I need to enter my credit card to evaluate?

No, when you sign up you receive a $25 credit to use. However, when you balance reaches $0, you will have to enter your credit card information to continue using your account, otherwise your account will be suspended.

What happens when my $25 credit runs out?

When your $25 credit run out, you will be notified and will have to enter your credit card information to continue. If you already have entered your credit card information, you will be billed monthly for your Kontena Cloud use. If you have no balance on your account, and you have not entered your credit card information, your account will be suspended.

What is the difference between Kontena Cloud Platform options?

Kontena Cloud Platform (Standard) is an high availability setup that is designed for production use. We will dedicate resources and it is possible to define the desired datacenter location (region)

Kontena Cloud Platform (Mini) is a simple low performance setup that is designed for development and testing environments.

In addition, it is possible to use custom self hosted Kontena Platforms with Kontena Cloud for monitoring, operations and other services.