Using nsenter to access a node without SSH

In addition SSH, nsenter can be used to gain root access to a node. This method does NOT require any password or authentication, so be sure that your Kontena grid users are trusted.

First you need to install the nsenter as a daemon service so that it runs on each node. There is a sample stack in the Kontena Stack Registry:

$ kontena stack registry pull matti/nsenter
  stack: matti/nsenter
  version: 0.0.1
  description: kontena node nsenter

      image: walkerlee/nsenter
        strategy: daemon
      command: "-t 1 -m -u -i -n sleep 2073600"
      privileged: true
      network_mode: host
      pid: host

Install the stack with:

$ kontena stack install matti/nsenter
  [done] Creating stack nsenter
  [done] Triggering deployment of stack nsenter
  [done] Waiting for deployment to start
  [done] Deploying service nsenter

Then you can enter the first node with

$ kontena service exec -it nsenter/nsenter bash
  red-fog-1606 $ whoami

And the second instance with

$ kontena service exec --instance 2 -it nsenter/nsenter bash
  blue-field-283 $ whoami

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