Use Docker images from Kontena private repositories

This page shows you how to configure your Kontena Platform to pull images from your private Kontena repositories

Create an authorization token

The platform nodes need a security token to pull images from private Kontena Image Repositories. So first we need to create a token suited for that purpose.

kontena cloud token create external-registry-token

We'll use this token in the next steps, so donät lose it yet.

Configure external registry on your Kontena Platform

We'll configure the credential on a external registry on the platform level. While connected

kontena external-registry add -u <user_name> -e <email> -p "<token>"

Where the username and email are the ones used in Kontena Cloud.

Using private images in stacks

Now when the platform is configured to be able to pull images from the private repositories at service, we can actually use the images in our stacks. To do that, we need to use fully qualified name for the images, like so:


So use the fully qualified name of the image.

Now when Kontena sees the hostname part of the fully qualified image name to match the configuration in external-registry it will instruct Docker to pull the image using the suppplied credentials.

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