This section of the Kontena documentation contains guides that show how to do individual tasks. A guide page shows how to do a single thing, typically by giving a short sequence of steps to accomplish the given task.

Guides are grouped together in categories by the topic they cover, so be sure to look for one in the correct category. And if you don't find one, you're always welcome to contribute a guide. See xyz for details.

Before your begin

  • You need to have Kontena Platform running, see our quickstart guide
  • You need to have a Kontena Cloud account and organization created
  • You need to have Kontena CLI
  • You need to have the cloud olugin installed on the CLI. kontena plugin ls to see if it is installed, and kontena plugin install cloud if not already there.
  • CLI needs to be connected to the platform you wish to configure. Use kontena cloud platform use xyz/foobar to use a certain platform.

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