Help and Support

For help, advice and support, ask the Kontena developers and community!

Getting Support and Asking Questions

The best way to reach Kontena developers is to post your question at GitHub issues. You may also be able to catch Kontena developers chatting on Slack.

Engage With The Community, Help Us Grow

Here are some ideas of how you can engage with the community and help us to grow!

  • Follow all the latest news and tutorials at the Kontena Blog. Be active -- comments and questions are welcome!
  • Mention and follow @KontenaInc on Twitter. Use the #kontena hashtag on social networks.
  • Stay up to date on development by following and starring our GitHub repository.
  • Join the Kontena Community Slack channel to chat with other like-minded devops and Kontena users, and get answers to technical questions of any level.

Contact Kontena, Inc. for Support

If you run into any issues or need assistance while using Kontena, you may also consider contacting us directly. You can send support requests to

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