Kontena Lens

NOTE: This is early access version. Version 1.0 will be released soon!

Kontena Lens Dashboard

Kontena Lens provides all necessary tools and technology to take control of your Kubernetes clusters. Ensure your cluster is properly setup and configured. Enjoy increased visibility and hands-on troubleshooting capabilities. Use built-in user management and integration APIs with support to most standard external authentication systems.

Cluster Essentials

Kontena Lens comes with a suite of components and technology that will enhance security, add missing features and transform your cluster into solid foundation suitable for production workloads. These components will be automatically installed and configured for your cluster. The components include: Metrics Server, NGINX Ingress and Network Policy Provider.

Universal Authentication

Kubernetes does not have any kind of user management built-in. This will be an issue for organizations who want to provide access to their clusters for increased visibility and troubleshooting capabilities. Kontena Lens features universal authentications system that may be used together with Kontena Lens built-in user management or any external authentication system like LDAP or Active Directory.


  • Amazing usability and end user experience
  • Real-time cluster state visualization
  • Resource utilization charts and trends with history powered by built-in Prometheus
  • Terminal access to nodes and containers
  • End user and service token authentication supported
  • Fully featured role based access control management
  • Dashboard access and functionality limited by RBAC
  • In-cluster and external authentication backends supported
  • Easy access to Helm charts, releases and repositories
  • Professional support available

Documentation License


This documentation is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License

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