What is Kontena Lens?

Kontena Lens is the ultimate dashboard for Kubernetes. It is the only management system you’ll ever need to take control of your Kubernetes clusters. For a long time, it has been an exclusive feature of Kontena Pharos Kubernetes distribution but today, it is available for all certified Kubernetes distributions as a standalone product.

Kontena Lens Dashboard

Why Kontena Lens?

Kubernetes has reached the peak of inflated expectations. It's allegedly the next step in the evolution of IT but for most people it's unbelievably hard and causing a lot of headache. Kontena Lens is the management system for Kubernetes that will transform clusters into something that makes sense, is fun to operate and is easy to trust.

Kontena Lens provides all necessary tools and technology to take control of your clusters. Ensure your cluster is properly setup and configured. Enjoy increased visibility and hands-on troubleshooting capabilities. Use built-in user management and integration APIs with support to most standard external authentication systems. Kontena Lens makes the use of Kubernetes 1000x more efficient and radically improves the speed of business.

Cluster Essentials

Components to ensure cluster is properly setup, configured and ready to run workloads at scale.

Kontena Lens comes with a suite of components and technology that will enhance security, add missing features and transform your cluster into solid foundation suitable for production workloads. These components will be automatically installed and configured for your cluster. The components include: Metrics Server, NGINX Ingress and Network Policy Provider.

Universal Authentication

Empower developers & DevOps teams by providing direct Kubernetes cluster access with RBAC.

Kubernetes does not have any kind of user management built-in. This will be an issue for organizations who want to provide access to their clusters for increased visibility and troubleshooting capabilities. Kontena Lens features universal authentications system that may be used together with Kontena Lens built-in user management or any external authentication system like LDAP or Active Directory.

The Ultimate Dashboard

Take control of your cluster with the most beautiful UI for management, operations and troubleshooting.

Kontena Lens Dashboard

Kontena Lens provides the most sophisticated user interface for managing Kubernetes clusters. Access to the data, namespaces and other resources is limited by the role based access control. It comes with real time visualization of the most vital metrics, configuration, log streams and a built-in terminal for inspecting or troubleshooting apps without losing the context. Kontena Lens management dashboard is the only system you’ll need to really understand what is going on in your clusters. Once you have tried it, there's no going back.

Built-In Prometheus; In Context

See all relevant graphs and resource utilization charts integrated as part of the dashboard.

Kontena Lens comes with built-in and multi-tenant Prometheus setup that will respect RBAC for each user. Users will see visualization for all the namespaces and resources they have access. All graphs and resource utilization charts are designed to be very accessible and available in right context no matter which part of the dashboard you are operating.

Walkthrough of Kontena Lens Features

Get Started

It's easy to get started. Just follow the getting started documentation.

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