Environment Variables

Kontena Master

  • MONGODB_URI: MongoDB connection uri (required)
  • VAULT_KEY: secret key for the Kontena Vault (required)
  • VAULT_IV: initialization vector for the Kontena Vault (required)
  • WEB_CONCURRENCY: number of forked master api worker processes (default: Number of CPU cores available)
  • MAX_THREADS: number of threads inside single master api worker process (default: 8)
  • LOG_LEVEL: logging level
  • ACME_ENDPOINT: acme endpoint for Let's Encrypt
  • AUTH_API_URL: specifies authentication server url (default: https://auth.kontena.io)
  • WEBSOCKET_TIMEOUT: websocket timeout in seconds (default: 5.0)
  • KONTENA_CLOCK_SKEW: acceptable clock skew for connecting agents (default: 1.0s)
  • PORT: server port (default: 9292)
  • EVENT_LOGS_CAPPED_SIZE: max size of the event logs collection in megabytes (default: 100)
  • CONTAINER_LOGS_CAPPED_SIZE: max size of the container logs collection in megabytes (default: 1000)
  • CONTAINER_STATS_CAPPED_SIZE: max size of the event logs collection in megabytes (default: 500)

    The acceptable range of clock offsets is between WEBSOCKET_TIMEOUT + KONTENA_CLOCK_SKEW (default: 6.0) seconds in the past, and KONTENA_CLOCK_SKEW (default: 1.0) seconds in the future.

Kontena Agent

  • KONTENA_URI: Kontena Master websocket uri (required)
  • KONTENA_SSL_VERIFY: Verify wss:// server SSL certificate (default: no verification)
  • KONTENA_SSL_HOSTNAME: Override hostname for SSL SNI and certificate subject verification
  • KONTENA_TOKEN: Kontena Grid token (required)
  • KONTENA_NODE_ID: Override node ID (default: docker info -> ID)
  • KONTENA_NODE_LABELS: Override initial node labels (default: docker info -> Labels)
  • KONTENA_PEER_INTERFACE: network interface for peer/private communication (default: eth1)
  • KONTENA_PUBLIC_IP: specify node public ip, overrides default resolving
  • KONTENA_PRIVATE_IP: specify node private ip, overrides default resolving
  • KONTENA_NODE_NAME: Override node name (default: docker info -> Name from hostname)
  • LOG_LEVEL: logging level
  • ETCD_IMAGE: etcd image (default: kontena/etcd)
  • ETCD_VERSION: etcd image version
  • CADVISOR_IMAGE: cadvisor image (default: kontena/cadvisor)
  • CADVISOR_VERSION: cadvisor image version
  • CADVISOR_DISABLED: if set to true agent won't start cadvisor at all
  • WEAVE_IMAGE: weave net image (default: weaveworks/weave)
  • WEAVEEXEC_IMAGE: weave exec image (default: weaveworks/weaveexec)
  • WEAVE_VERSION: weave net version
  • WEBSOCKET_TIMEOUT: websocket timeout in seconds (default: 5.0)
  • SSL_CERT_FILE: path to SSL CA cert bundle file
  • SSL_CERT_PATH: path to SSL CA cert bundle directory

Kontena CLI

  • KONTENA_URL: Kontena Master URL
  • KONTENA_GRID: Kontena Grid name
  • KONTENA_TOKEN: Kontena Master access token
  • KONTENA_MASTER: use existing Kontena Master from CLI config file
  • SSL_IGNORE_ERRORS: set true to bypass certificate errors
  • DEBUG: set true to get verbose messages
  • EXCON_DEBUG: set true to get verbose messages from network calls

Kontena services

Each service container deployed by Kontena gets populated by following environment variables in addition to the ones defined in the service configuration and in the container image:

  • KONTENA_SERVICE_ID: Internal service id of the service
  • KONTENA_SERVICE_NAME: Name of the service
  • KONTENA_GRID_NAME: Name of the grid service is running in
  • KONTENA_STACK_NAME: Name of the stack service belongs to
  • KONTENA_NODE_NAME: The name of the node service is deployed into
  • KONTENA_SERVICE_INSTANCE_NUMBER: Instance number of the service. 1..n

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