Kontena CLI Tools

Installing Kontena CLI

System Requirements

Following are the version requirements for components on which Kontena depends:

  • Kontena CLI: Official package or Ruby >= 2.1
    • Local Image Builds (optional): Docker 1.12.x or later
    • VPN (optional): OpenVPN client


You can install Kontena CLI using our official installer.

Linux / Windows

Prerequisites: You'll need Ruby version 2.1 or later installed on your system. For more details, see the official Ruby installation docs.

You can install the Kontena CLI using the Rubygems package manager, which is included in Ruby.

$ gem install kontena-cli

After the installation is complete, you can test the installation by checking the Kontena CLI version with kontena version.


To enable tab-completion for bash, add the following to your .bashrc scripts:

which kontena > /dev/null && . "$( kontena whoami --bash-completion-path )"

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