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From zero to hero: What it takes to run containers in production

March 21, 2018 46:27 Tutorials

In this tutorial, we talk about what is it required and what aspects you need to take into account when running containerized applications in production environments. We also show you how to easily set up a production grade container cluster and deploy containerized applications to the production environment with Kontena.

How Kontena was used in the renewal of the City of Oulu's traffic info service

December 12, 2017 44:05 Case Study

Find out how Kontena was used in the pilot web development project to renew the Oulunliikenne.fi traffic information service, for the City of Oulu, Finland.

Running an 80's style arcade space shooter with Kontena and UpCloud in production

October 5, 2017 1:17:56 Tutorial

Using containers is a such hot topic right now, so in this tutorial you're going to learn how containers can be used for gaming. Juhani Atula presents "Running an 80's style arcade shooter with Kontena and UpCloud in production".

Kontena - The Developer Friendly Container and Microservices Platform

August 14, 2017 21 seconds Promo

Built to maximize developer happiness. Works on any cloud, easy to set up, simple to use.

The New Better Way

June 19, 2017 1:00 min Promo

The new better way to run your Linux containers in production with Kontena.

Having fun with Kontena Loadbalancer

June 14, 2017 60 mins Tutorial

The Kontena Loadbalancer gives users an extremely easy and flexible way to add loadbalancing into their application architecture. In this tutorial we cover different use cases and ways to utilize the Kontena Loadbalancer.

How to get the most out of Kontena Stacks and Templates

May 29, 2017 30 mins Tutorial

Kontena Stacks are pre-packaged and reusable collections of Kontena services. In this tutorial, we show you how to get the most out of Kontena Stacks by using variables and Liquid template language in order to create generic and reusable stack files.

Introduction to Kontena Volumes

May 2, 2017 60 mins Tutorial

Kontena 1.2.0 introduced support for managing data in Docker data volumes with various volume drivers. This tutorial gives an introduction to Kontena Volumes and demonstrates how you can start using them.

Intro to Kontena Cloud

March 2, 2017 60 mins Tutorial

Kontena Cloud is the hosted GUI for the Kontena Platform that you can run on any cloud or on-premise. Fundamentally it provides the OAuth2 authentication for Kontena Masters but in future it will provide a lot more. This tutorial gives a short introduction to the current status of Kontena Cloud and highlight some upcoming features.

Running Dockerized services across several cloud providers

January 13, 2017 60 mins Tutorial

Running apps and services across several cloud providers and/or data centers can bring many benefits for organisations. Making your app stack compliant with multiple cloud providers can be problematic due to differences between cloud providers such as networking configurations. And to make things even more difficult, you need to have a way to secure the intra-services’ communications between cloud providers. In practice this means cumbersome network configurations with VPNs and other networking security solutions. Luckily, containers and modern (container) overlay networks can solve this complexity for you.

Introduction to Kontena Stacks

December 15, 2016 20 mins Tutorial

Kontena Stacks are an end-to-end solution for developers to manage their applications that are composed of multiple containers. Stacks may be used to describe, install and upgrade even the most complex solutions. In this tutorial we go through how to define Kontena Stack files, how to share them via the Kontena Stack registry and how install them to your Kontena Platform.

Kontena 1.0 Highlights

December 6, 2016 45 mins Tutorial

Kontena 1.0 introduced some great new features such as Kontena Stacks, an end-to-end solution for developers to manage their applications that are composed of multiple containers. Kontena 1.0 also introduced automatic integration to Kontena Cloud. In this tutorial we go through how these new features work and what it means for you as the user of the platform.

Sneak Peek of Kontena 1.0

November 29, 2016 45 mins Tutorial

This tutorial gives a sneak peek of Kontena 1.0 which was released in early December 2016. It shows highlights of some of the most important features that we introduced to the Kontena Platform with the 1.0 release.

Managing secrets & SSL certificates with Docker containers (using Kontena)

November 9, 2016 45 mins Tutorial

Security is oftentimes considered a stumbling block especially for larger Docker container deployments. This tutorial covers container security and especially securing and managing secrets such as passwords, API keys and SSL certificates. We also demo how Kontena’s secrets and certificate management solutions work.

Intro to Kontena: Running Docker in production made easy

October 25, 2016 45 mins Tutorial

Kontena is the most developer friendly container and microservices platform that works on any cloud, on-premise or hybrid, and is extremely easy to use. It is designed for devs and ops who don't want to create platform of their own or hassle with overly complicated platforms. It comes with all batteries included: orchestration & scheduling, networking, image registry, secrets management, load balancing, automatic updates and lot more.

Automating the CI/CD pipeline using Kontena, Docker and drone.io

October 13, 2016 45 mins Tutorial

Containerization has brought about great opportunities to shorten the deployment process for enterprise applications. This presentation introduces Kontena – the developer friendly container management platform – and discusses as well as demos containerized applications and microservices deployment pipeline integration using Kontena, Docker and Drone.io.