Introduction to Kontena Volumes

May 2, 2017 60 mins Tutorial

Kontena 1.2.0 introduced support for managing data in Docker data volumes with various volume drivers. This tutorial gives an introduction to Kontena Volumes and demonstrates how you can start using them.

Presenter Lauri Nevala is a co-founder and software engineer at Kontena, Inc. He is a happy Ruby developer and devops guy and wants to maximize (other) developers' happiness by building Kontena - easy to use container & microservices platform.

You can follow Lauri: @nevalau and Kontena: @KontenaInc on Twitter.

Kontena is the most developer friendly container and microservices platform that works on any cloud, on-premise or hybrid, and is extremely easy to use. It is designed for devs and ops who don't want to create platforms of their own or hassle with overly complicated platforms. Kontena comes with all batteries included: orchestration & scheduling, networking, image registry, secrets management, load balancing, automatic updates and a lot more. It has everything needed to run your containers & microservices in production with peace of mind.