Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kontena Classic?

Kontena Classic is the new, better way to run your containers in production. It's open source and easy to use!

Why Kontena Classic?

Containers promise extreme scalability, portability and improved compute resource utilization. Setting up, tinkering and maintaining a complex container platform framework such as Kubernetes is not where the race is won. Kontena is a developer friendly container platform with all batteries included that is extremely easy to use and works for everybody, on any cloud. Get from zero to hero in matter of minutes rather than days, weeks or months.

If you are looking for a complete, easy to understand and use platform with minimal maintenance and full automation, Kontena is for you! It is a container platform that just works. Since developers don't need to worry about the platform, they can focus on creating the stuff that matters.

How to Get Started?

If you are new to Kontena, we recommend that you first read through the quick start guide. We also recommend you to get familiar with usage.

Who is the ideal user of Kontena Classic?

While Kontena works great for all types of businesses and may be used to run containerized workloads at any scale, it's best suited for start-ups and small to medium sized businesses that require a worry-free, simple-to-use platform for running containerized workloads.

How does Kontena Classic compare to Docker Swarm and Kubernetes?

  • Docker Compose & Swarm: Tools from Docker are simple but powerful. Therefore, most people start their container journey using those tools. However, while these tools work as promised, you'll end up wanting more. At this point, most of the people try tweaking Docker tools to fit their needs. After a while, they realize the gravity of task ahead and start looking for something that is a complete solution. Kontena is this complete solution. It has all the features you wanted (plus some more you don't realize needing yet), it's well maintained and used by active community of users like you. Instead of tweaking Docker tools to fit your needs, why not just adopt Kontena's ready-made solution?

  • Kubernetes: Kubernetes by Google is used as a foundation by many container orchestration solutions. It features a robust container scheduler and offers many great ideas and concepts that overlap with Kontena. Hype around Kubernetes is similar to Angular (until React came along). However, it more like a framework rather than a solution. If you do google search "how to make kubernetes more easy", you'll get 1 million search results. Kubernetes is not easy and does not deliver the simple user experience we want to achieve. It is a great foundation (for some), but by itself it's not enough. GitHub just moved some of their stuff on top of Kubernetes and it took for their super talented team almost 9 months?! It might sound amazing on paper, but just like many other open source technologies coming out from Google, it is pain to use. We wanted to make Kontena sound great on paper, but most importantly amazing to use :) Don't be silly like GitHub, get started with Kontena. Yeah, we know, the hype and buzz around K8S is just so irresistible... But at least you should try Kontena!

  • Others: In fact there are very few genuine container orchestration / management platforms out there besides Kontena, Docker Swarm and Kubernetes. Majority of the "other" container platform solutions out there are based on Kubernetes. Kontena aims to deliver the best possible solution for container orchestration with a set of features that are in line with our goal of making something that just works, plain and simple.

Is Kontena Classic ready for production?


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