Creating Kontena Nodes on Packet

The following instructions are designed for those who want to create Kontena Nodes using the Kontena CLI built-in provision tool. It is also possible to create Kontena Nodes manually.


  • Kontena CLI with the packet plugin. If you don't have the plugin installed, you can install it with the: kontena plugin install packet command.
  • A Packet Account. Visit to get started
  • A Packet API token and Project ID.

Create Kontena Node

$ kontena packet node create

Restart Kontena Node

$ kontena packet node restart <NAME>

Terminate Kontena Node

$ kontena packet node terminate <NAME>

Update Kontena Node

By default, Kontena Nodes will auto-update to the same version as Kontena Master immediately if the major or minor version changes (major.minor.x). Kontena Nodes will do a patch level auto-update only when rebooted or systemd is restarted. This auto-update process can be forced by executing the following command in every Kontena Node host:

$ sudo systemctl restart kontena-agent

Advanced Usage

    kontena packet node create [OPTIONS] [NAME]

    [NAME]                        Node name

    --grid GRID                   Specify grid to use
    --token TOKEN                 Packet API token
    --project PROJECT ID          Packet project id
    --type TYPE                   Server type (baremetal_0, baremetal_1, ..) (default: "baremetal_0")
    --facility FACILITY CODE      Facility (default: "ams1")
    --billing BILLING             Billing cycle (default: "hourly")
    --ssh-key PATH                Path to ssh public key (optional)
    --version VERSION             Define installed Kontena version (default: "latest")

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