Using Kontena Nodes

Kontena Nodes (machines; bare metal or virtual) provide all the compute resources for a Kontena Platform.

In this chapter, we'll discover how to manage, operate and monitor Kontena Nodes with the Kontena CLI tool:

Add Kontena Nodes

Please see the Add Kontena Nodes documentation to learn more.

List Kontena Nodes

The command that may be used for listing all Kontena Nodes in a Kontena Platform.

$ kontena node list

Show Kontena Node Information

The command that may be used for inspecting Kontena Node information.

$ kontena node show <NODE_ID>

Update Kontena Node Information

$ kontena node update <NODE_ID>

SSH into a Kontena Node

The command that may be used for connecting to Kontena Node via SSH.

$ kontena node ssh <NODE_ID>

Remove a Kontena Node

In order to remove a Kontena Node, it must be terminated first. Once terminated, it may be removed. Only offline Kontena Nodes may be removed.

$ kontena node remove <NODE_ID>

If you are using the Kontena CLI built-in provision tool, you can terminate Kontena Node using the kontena <provider> node terminate command. Alternatively, power off / terminate the Kontena Node machine from any infrastructure you are using and wait for the machine to become offline before removing them.

IMPORTANT! If you remove a Kontena Node that has stateful Kontena Service instances deployed, those Kontena Service instances will be re-scheduled for the next Kontena Service deploy and lose their state.

Manage Kontena Node Labels

The commands that may be used for managing Kontena Node labels. The labels are defined in the form of label or label=value. These labels can be used as Kontena Service affinity rule filters.

If a Kontena Node has been added with the Kontena CLI built-in provision tool, some special labels are set automatically and they are recognized by Kontena Platform to provide more efficient operations. These labels include:

  • provider - Specify a cloud platform for a Kontena Node. For example all Kontena Nodes provisioned to Amazon AWS using the provision tool, will have the label provider=aws automatically set up.
  • az - Specify an availability zone for a Kontena Node. For example all Kontena Nodes provisioned to Amazon AWS us-west-1 availability zone will have the label az=us-west-1 automatically set up. This label is used by the Kontena Service ha (high availability) deployment strategy to distribute Kontena Services across different availability zones.
  • ephemeral - Specify if the Kontena Node is ephemeral (temporary). Kontena Nodes that are labeled with ephemeral=yes will be automatically removed after they have been offline for longer than six (6) hours. Ephemeral nodes are typically used with auto scaling infrastructure. They are typically provisioned and terminated automatically. Please note, Kontena Nodes labeled as ephemeral are not available for scheduling stateful services.

List Labels

$ kontena node label list <NODE_ID>

Add a Label

$ kontena node label add <NODE_ID> <LABEL>

Remove a Label

$ kontena node label remove <NODE_ID> <LABEL>

Check Kontena Node Health Status

The command that may be used for inspecting a Kontena Node's health status.

$ kontena node health <NODE_ID>

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